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Camstar Produce Top Quality Dried Herbs

Harvested & Air Dried to meet your requirements

To help achieve our aim of complete customer satisfaction Camstar Herbs has developed a custom built harvesting machine which picks the herb leaves to be dried, thereby enhancing the quality of the finished leaf flakes. This is a way of harvesting which gives the option of tailoring the bulk index to suit individual Camstar customers' specific jar fill requirements.

The superior leaf quality obtained also enhances the appearance of the final product, with colour separation equipment removing any remaining discoloured leaf.

In-line heat treatment ensures maintenance of the position of Camstar Herbs, we supply the industry's very lowest microbiological levels.

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Our latest aquisition is our new chive harvester. Here's a chance to see it in action as it cuts while it harvests.

2017 Camomile Harvest Now Over

We're very pleased with the quality of this year's harvest, just finished. Camomile looked great in the field and the oil looked great in the bottle. Here we see the flowers being cut and left in rows. They'll...
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CEO Ed Starke's latest initiative, working with the Kenya based Cannemela Project, now comes to fruition. Camstar are very happy to announce that the water butt with associated guttering and piping is now fitted and fully operational.Read More

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