Vision, Mission, Strategy

Our vision

Camstar Herbs aspires to grow sustainably within the world of Herbs, Spices and Essential Oils. There is a growing global demand for food produced using innovative and sustainable ingredients with field to fork responsibility assured. 

Our Mission

Our mission is sourcing and supplying superior products from across the globe whilst working side by side with farmers to ensure their success in producing crops in an efficient and sustainable way, yielding them fair returns. This goes hand in hand with our aspiration of giving our customers an exceptional service.

Our Strategy


People Development

Supplier of Choice

Regenerative Farming


Core Values


R - Respect and Responsibility – We think about how we impact others, promoting inclusion and diversity. A diverse work force gives us the competitive edge.

I - Integrity - We believe in developing a team with honesty and strong moral principles, working under the same set of values and focusing on productivity and success.

S - Service - We must achieve daily 100% satisfaction to our customers, partners and suppliers whilst maintaining our principles. 

E - Excellence - We strive to be an employer of choice attracting and maintaining talent. A great team has the vision and synergy that can make a difference.